Because, Momming coffee mug

Because, Momming coffee mug

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Momming ain't easy.

Planning on motherhood? Know anyone who is, is about to, or wants to become a mom to kids or pets? Motherhood is rewarding, but it is hard work! There are days when your kid(s) only know the word NO!, have a tough time potty training, gets carsick 4 times in two hours, and/or, your furbaby tracks mud onto your pristine, white, freshly-laundered duvet.*

For those days, we offer you the Because, Momming mug, while you're in the trenches with all that is required of you, and you're in need of something with caffeine or caffeine-adjacent ("decaf" is a curse word in this house).

*NOTE: Every single one of these this has happened to Ali.  Because, Momming.

This high-quality, glass mug is permanently hand-etched in NJ with love, and is dishwasher-safe and microwave-safe for ease of use & care.

**Contact us if you would like this as a martini glass or as a set paired with a matching wine glass.